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“Crow’s feet” are wrinkles at the outer corner of the eyes. They look like the feet of a crow.

As we age, the skin around our eyes loses its elasticity and natural oils and becomes thinner, making it more prone to wrinkles.

But don’t worry!

There are some methods to prevent these wrinkles.

Our skin has memory!

When we contract our muscles around the eyes, for example by smiling or laughing or other face expressions, we can see the skin up on muscles changes!

We can see some deep or superficial lines at the outer corner of our eyes.

By doing these kind of expressions again and again for YEARS and YEARS, our skin will remember these tensions and make same wrinkles after any contraction!

What can we do?

STOP making face expressions?

Of course, NOT!

Because we need our muscles!

When we stop using them, for example by not smiling anymore, our cheek muscles will be weaker and weaker and become saggy!

So, we will paralyze over active muscles by using a substance called “Botulinum Oxide (BOTOX)”.

Now we can have our common face expressions without being worry about “crow’s feet” wrinkles around our eyes.

Also we can reduce wrinkles that already visible around our eyes without any face expressions by using BOTOX!

By contracting the muscles over and over, some of the muscles will remain in tension mode!

Paralyzing the muscles of outer corner of eyes, will help them to relax and release their tension.

So we can see less wrinkles.